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The Technology Training Foundation of America - Computer Donation Program has five key components:

  • DONATIONS: TTFA accepts working and non-working computers and CRT's as well as computers and working computer parts other related office equipment. It provides an avenue through its 501(c)(3) for Corporate America to donate its equipment no longer of use to serve a greater need. The higher end equipment goes into TTFA's refurbishment program. All other equipment is recycled keeping it out of our already over-crowded landfills. Parts that can be reused from older equipment or incomplete systems are pulled. Scrap and office equipment that does not meet TTFA's placement criteria, but has value, helps generate revenue for TTFA's parts fund.
  • RECYCLING: The computer equipment that cannot be repaired or upgraded, and other non-technology donations, get recycled through one of TTFA's statewide recycling partners. They provide transportation/pick up service for the large donations.
  • REPAIR: The donated equipment that meets TTFA's placement standards is transported to one of its repair sites for refurbishing/upgrading before being placed into schools and non-profits at no-charge. If computers do not work, or if they are missing components or do not have enough memory, they are of little use to schools or non-profit organizations. TTFA makes sure that all equipment it places meets the recipient's technology standards and is fully operational. The donated computers come with a 90-day replacement guarantee.
  • TRAINING: The repair facilities offer vocational students exposure to a wide variety of computer hardware and opportunities to train with real-life troubleshooting exercises. TTFA is partners with the computer repair program at the Naval Consolidated Brig MCAS Miramar in San Diego where a percentage of the computers are made ready with new operating systems before they are donated to schools and non-profits.
  • HELPING BRIDGE THE DIGITAL DIVIDE: Computers donated through TTFA are helping stretch technology dollars. With ever advancing technology and decreasing resources, schools and non-profit organizations will never have enough money to keep up. Retired corporate computers that are serviced before being donated, assuring they meet minimum technology standards of the recipient, are providing necessary tools to prepare students for our technological world at a tremendous savings to the taxpayer and to the organizations they are helping.





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